Superhero Workout

Superhero Workout - when you do you ab workouts in the gym then time to try these 3 little beauties.

Exercise Ball Ab Rollout - To start this exercise, kneel on a mat, with your body in an upright position and hands on the ball. Now let your body fall forward and slowly roll out the ball as far as you can without letting your back bow in the middle. Hold for a count of 3 seconds, stretching your abs, and return to the starting position keeping your abs contracted throughout the movement. Try to do a total of 10 repetitions for this exercise.

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Exercise Ball Jacknife with pike - So the next exercise to perform is the jackknife with pike. There are a 2 possible ways of doing this which are: one, with your elbows on a bench and feet on the stability ball, or alternatively, with your hands on the ground and your body in the pushup position. When attempting to do this for the first time I would start with elbows or hands on a bench with your feet on the exercise ball in a plank position.

With a normal jacknife you tuck your knees up to your chest and back out again. Doing it with a pike movement you keep your legs straight and slowly push your hips high rolling your feet over the ball. At the mid point you should have the balls of your feet on the ball with your legs and back straight and your body in a upturned V shape. Contract the abs then slowly return to the starting position. This is a tough exercise and it takes a while to get the technique perfect. Basically if you can do more than 10 reps without too much effort you are doing it wrong.

Exercise Ball - Plank with oblique mountain climber (made up name) - So, to get in position, place your elbows on the ball and your body in a straight line. Then with knee pointing outwards slowly bring up one leg to your elbow or as far as it will go then take it back to the starting position. Keep your foot off the floor throughout the movement. Do ten reps then repeat with the other leg.

If you want to make this more difficult you can do a couple different things. The first is to move your elbows in front of your shoulders or balance on your hands rather than your elbows.

Perform the above exercise ball workouts for 5-10 minutes after your interval training or high intensity resistance workouts and you will lose that pesky belly fat and have abs like a superhero in no time.

Superhero Workout


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